Animal Sounds follows the adventures of 2 indy rock Animals, a lion named Pedro and a panda named Manda, who are employed at Salty Snail's record store, Animal Sounds. Published and Distributed by the Vegas Rocks! Magazine. Drawn by Jeaux Janovsky, Written by Liz Ohanesian. Animal Sounds Created by Jeaux Janovsky & Liz Ohanesian. ©2009

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Goin' on my 10.

Animal Sounds Promo

We're back!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ep. 2: Shopliftin' Blues in Full Color!

Manda and Pedro are duped by a slow, shoplifting turtle.
*Special Thanks goes out to Ron Evry for his Witzworx comic font. I've adopted it for Animal Sounds and pretty much all my other comics. It's friendly, clean, and easy on the eyes. I still owe him a ten spot for it!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Animal Sounds: Heard Again!

Reposted from the Doubled8 blog:

Pedro & Manda's illustrated adventures have been picked up by Las Vegas' exclusive Rock and Roll & Entertainment Magazine: Vegas Rocks! Magazine.

Special thanks goes out to VR!'s Publishing Queen of Rock n' Roll, Sally Steele & Steve "The Eggman" Eggleston for having the foresight to publish and distribute Animal Sounds at a time when most publications are cutting their comics section out cause of this economic slump. You guys are true punk rock!

About Animal Sounds: Animal Sounds follows the adventures of 2 indy rock Animals, a lion named Pedro and a panda named Manda, who are employed at Salty Snail's record store, Animal Sounds.
Created by Jeaux Janovsky & Liz Ohanesian.

Check out for more info.
-Jeaux Janovsky

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Episode 6: Fame is a Splinter in My Side

Fame is a Splinter in My Side, Inside my lonely pants it hides.

Episode 5: The Bad News.

News Flash! Ian Emu, Emo Rocker of the band, The Emus, is dead after an accident at an In-Store Performance at Animal Sounds. Manda won't miss him.

Episode 4: The Accident.

Animal Sounds is in the middle of a remodeling and decide to have an In-Store concert w/ Manda's Emo Ex-Boyfriend, Ian's band: The Emus. Her wish for his untimely demise might come true...

Episode 3: Along Came The Emus.

Get yr complimentary tissues and guyliner ready for a glimpse into Manda's Dating Past. Oooh, Mystery!

Episode 2: Shopliftin' Blues

Manda and Pedro are duped by a slow, shoplifting turtle.

Meet Pedro & Manda...

Name: Pedro
Age: 30
Species: Lion
Sex: Yes, please. j/k Male
Occupation: Record store clerk at Salty Snail's Animal Sounds (aka: professional Music snob)
Interests: music, making idiot customers cry, heckling the bands that play Animal Sounds in-store, making the bands cry, hanging out with Manda
Music: My musical taste is better than yours.
Movies: Kung fu flicks
Books: the backs of cereal boxes
Turn-ons: I'm a vegan Lion: veggies are nice, tofu kicks ass.
Turn-Offs: If you try and feed me meat, I will rip off your motherf*cking face.

Name: Manda
Age: 28
Species: Red Panda
Sex: I'm celibate, like Morrisquawk. j/k Female
Occupation: I'm the Decider & store clerk at Salty's Animal Sounds.
Music: Too much to mention.
Movies: Anything w/ Steve Marlin.
Books: currently, borrowing Pedro's Steve Marlin's Born Standing Up (in Water)
Turn-ons: I'm a panda who eats meat. Hamburgers, steaks, shish-ka-bobs, bacon, you name it. If it smells like meat, it goes into my stomach. I also like long walks in the park, writing, going to concerts, carpentry, diy clothing, mix-taping and dj-ing occasionally. And Pedro just told me to write hanging out with him. So, whatever.
Turn-Offs: People who scratch vinyl, shop-lifters, customers, bad poetry, emo bands, ex-boyfriends who happen to be in emo bands.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Episode 1: The Picture of Dorian Goose

Here is Animal Sounds Episode 1, in all it's small text glory. Note the Name error up at the Top. You should've seen how miffed Violet got after that little mishap. She said, "How can I work with this Talent-less Hack Artist?!?! I cannot work under these conditions!!!" She threatened to sue me, Liz O. and burn down the Rockit office building. She got all Left Eye Lopez Epic Ballistic Style on us all.
So, I changed the spelling as fast as you can say "Lawsuit" and Violet and I have been working together, happy and mildly dysfunctional, ever since.
Despite our working relationship being odd, well, at least in terms of having never hung out with Violet, let alone see her with my own eyes, it's not all that bad. Thankfully, I have Liz O. on my side, as her Representative and Editor Wonder.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Who is Violet Peters?

By now, you probably know Jeaux, the boy wonder behind the artwork in Animal Sounds. But, do you know Violet Peters, the girl behind the plot devices and snarky remarks?

Probably not. Violet hates blogs with a passion. She says that blogs are for the sort of jackasses who won't buy the new Scissor Sisters' album next week because it's already old news. Violet also hates MySpace, or MySpay, whatever you want to call it. She hates the idea of having to list Moving Units on your favorite band list because everyone whose phone number starts with a 323 lists them on their profiles. Violet's phone number starts with a 323, but that's because she usually calls from a pay phone by the Del Taco on Santa Monica and Highland. Okay, okay, that was a joke.

Violet left me a message on my landline because she still can't remember to plug my cell phone into her cell phone, let alone figure out how to text message me. In the message, she said that Jeaux was starting this blog and he wanted to her to post but she "totally hates that shit" so, "could you post for me? Please? I'll let you borrow my Full Metal Alchemist DVDs." How could I refuse?

I have known Violet for the bulk of my life and can tell you the only truth about her: she is as much of a nut now as she was when we were kids. This is the girl who, when were all of 14 dragged me throughout the Northridge Mall so that we could follow this guy that she swore was Morrissey. We gave up when we realized his accent was more affected Val than Manc. She once heard that Robert Smith was living in Los Angeles and decided that we needed to call every Robert Smith in the phone book. I'm not kidding. I mean, we gave up after five phone calls from people who sounded as though they had already answered "No I am not THAT Robert Smith" 500 times before, but still, we did it.

For the record, Violet has never worked in a record store. She says it's because she hates retail but, really, it's because no one will ever hire her at a record store because of her habit of saying, "Um, so, where is the vinyl? Where are your copies of The World Won't Listen? Why are you listening to a Sonic Youth record that sounds like a cheap version of a much better Sonic Youth album that was released fifteen years ago."

That's Violet. You gotta love her.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Animal Sounds Mix-Tape Vol.1

I doctored up an OLD Danzig "cassette tape" I bought from a great used record store in the Valley, Record Trader (RIP), circa the mid 90s. It was his album Lucifuge. Pretty good f*cking album, as far as Shorty McDanzig goes. A friend, whom shall remain nameless, at the time carved into my tape with some form of sharp device, various so-called "satanic" phrases. I used to pump this album alot, especially while working, during my Boneyard Press Days.
My Boss, at the time, Hart D. Fisher, Voted Wizard Magazine's Most Dangerous Man in Comics, worked for Mr. Glenn Danzig and his budding Comic book company Verotik. Yes! Dan-f*cking-Ziggy had at one point an adult, horror themed comic book company, and Hart was the managing editor for a while.
Not sure if Verotik is still standing, but Lucifuge will always stand as a great album.
Anyhow, I used the voodoo magic trickery of Photoshop to make the coolest Animal Sounds ad ever! So wif out further Ado, here it is:

Animal Sounds Episode 3 Streets Out this Saturday, September the 16th. Info about where to scout it out, to the Left of the Computer Screen.
Or also here, on this Blog, once I get my ass in gear. But for now, I'm gonna go hit the hay and watch me some Shaun of the Dead before drifting off to dreamland country.